Obstetrical Care


The average pregnancy will require 2 ultrasounds. One early to confirm your due date, and a second between 18 and 22 weeks to evaluate fetal anatomy….Learn more

High Risk Pregnancy

Our physicians at Deerwood Women’s Health and Wellness are well versed in managing high risk pregnancies. We are fortunate to have an excellent NICU as well as a maternal fetal medicine specialist readily available…Learn more

Cesarean Delivery

Many women are nervous about the need for cesarean delivery. Thankfully most of the time this is not required. Our Cesarean rate over the past several years has been less than 30%…Learn more

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section – VBAC

Many women ask me about vaginal birth following cesarean sections. When safe, myself and my practice support a woman’s decision to attempt VBAC. There are several factors…Learn more

Postpartum Depression

Women are at risk for postpartum depression for up to 1 year following delivery. More than 10% of women experience some sort of depression in the months following birth. While it is more prevalent…Learn more

Routine Obstetric Care

When establishing OB care the initial visit focuses on obtaining a complete medical history and examination. It is also a time to answer all questions and review expectations …Learn more

From conception to birth and then postpartum. Drs. Kessler and Voige enjoy caring for all stages of pregnancy. The providers at Deerwood Women’s believe that education plays a large role in a healthy pregnancy and are happy to provide their patients with up to date educational materials. One of our goals is to provide comprehensive and convenient obstetric care. We provide onsite ultrasonography and lab draw station as well as early morning appointments to improve access to care for our patients. We are committed to being available for you throughout your pregnancy and are always available to answer questions throughout this unpredictable and exciting experience.

We are available to you 24/7. Outside of office hours Dr. Kessler or Dr. Voige will be available via the answering service on all weekdays and we rotate with 3 other local physicians on weekends. The answering service is accessible by dialing our office phone number: (254) 420-0002

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