Pre-conceptual counseling

Deciding to have a baby is a big decision and will transform your life. Preconception care is a part of preparing for pregnancy and includes focusing on healthy lifestyle options to benefit yourself as well as your baby. The first 8 weeks of pregnancy is a time of rapid growth for your baby and when the majority of the organs and body systems are formed. Being healthy and avoiding harmful stressors for development including poor health, smoking, alcohol use, and exposure to certain medications is particularly important during this early time. Some women do not even realize they are pregnant yet during the early weeks and therefore it is beneficial to adopt a healthy lifestyle prior to attempting pregnancy.
Certain medical conditions require patients to be on medications during pregnancy. Notifying your doctor before pregnancy of the medications you are on allows them to counsel you on the risks of those medications during pregnancy, and if alterations in your medications would be beneficial for the pregnancy and safe for you. This often requires a combined effort between your OBGYN and your other doctors.
It is of strong importance to discuss medical conditions with your physician prior to pregnancy especially diabetes, hypertension, depression, and seizure disorders in order to optimize their condition prior to conception. For patients with Diabetes desiring pregnancy it is very important to have good sugar control prior to pregnancy as having elevated sugars can negatively affect your ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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