Postpartum Depression

Women are at risk for postpartum depression for up to 1 year following delivery. More than 10% of women experience some sort of depression in the months following birth. While it is more prevalent than the average person realizes, it should not go unattended.

Do not be worried or embarrassed to discuss these symptoms with your provider if present. We are here to help you through this difficult time. The following questions may be able to help you see if depression is affecting you.

  1. Is it hard to laugh and see the funny side of things?
  2. Do you have trouble looking forward to enjoyable things?
  3. Have you blamed yourself unnecessarily when things went wrong?
  4. Have you been worried for no good reason?
  5. Have you felt scared or panicked for no good reason?
  6. Have things been getting to you more easily?
  7. Have you felt so unhappy that you cannot sleep?
  8. Have you felt sad or miserable?
  9. Have you been so unhappy that you are crying?
  10. Has the thought of harming yourself occurred to you?

If you answer yes to more than one of the above or yes to the last questions we recommend calling your provider to discuss today.

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