Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section – VBAC

Many women ask me about vaginal birth following cesarean sections. When safe, myself and my practice support a woman’s decision to attempt VBAC. There are several factors that make a VBAC more likely to be successful, including: previous VBAC, previous vaginal delivery prior to cesarean delivery; primary cesarean for breech presentation, or for fetal status while labor is progressing normally. The greatest risk of VBAC is failure and need for repeat cesarean section. The most dangerous risk is uterine rupture. Contraindications are breech presentation, placenta previa, and previous vertical uterine scar (not always the same as visible incision on the skin). We do not electively induce VBAC patients due to increased risk of rupture, however with all other conditions being favorable, we do allow the use of oxytocin augmentation if required. Do not hesitate to discuss this option with your provider at Deerwood Women.

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