Here at Deerwood Women’s Health and Wellness we believe in taking care of women through all stages of their lives! This month we are rolling out a new program focusing on the Post Partum Mom, specifically addressing breastfeeding education. Why breastfeeding education you ask? Because this is an area that we have noticed our moms are needing extra support in. Welcoming a newborn is one of the most joyful, yet challenging times in life. So many unknowns. Is my baby eating enough? Will my breasts ever not feel engorged? Will my baby ever sleep? These are all questions that every new mom ponders. Let us take away some of the stress of this stage of life by giving you with the education you need to feel confident!

By coming to our Breastfeeding Class, you will learn about breastfeeding basics, common problems while breastfeeding and gain answers to common breastfeeding questions. Along with out Breastfeeding Class, you can also sign up to participate in our Breastfeeding Support Group. These support groups will meet weekly. Come to the office, check in with our nurses and even do a weighted feed. Put your mind at ease and let us show you how much your baby is gaining from breastfeeding! Plus, talking with other moms in the same stage of life is always helpful. Share your experiences, concerns and fears with us! Deerwood Women’s Health and Wellness is here to help!

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